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Beloved of Set

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I'm a openminded liberal skeptic who has lived her entire life in the heart of the Bible Belt, Texas. I'm majoring in cultural anthropology and would like to one day travel to Egypt, Japan, and a whole bunch of other places.

In my free time I enjoy writing/reading gay romance fanfiction from the following: Stargate: SG-1; Final Fantasy 7 through 12; Vampire Hunter D; X-Men; Trigun; The Labyrinth; Hellsing; Metalocalypse; Harry Potter; and misc. others.

My hobbies include singing, bellydancing, drawing portraits, and norse runes. Recently I have taken up pottery.

The name Merytsetesh is Egyptian and means "Beloved of Set" (my personal deity, a god of Chaos). I've been a practicing pagan for 5 years now.